Holz-Hänger "Herz" mit Schriftzug Just Married Hauptbild Detail

wooden hanger "Heart" with lettering

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on lace with metal key and heart
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Ø 8 cm / wood thickness 5 mm
Just Married - 1

material composition: heart: mixed wood china customs tariff number: 44201019 country of... more
Product informations: wooden hanger "Heart" with lettering

material composition: heart: mixed wood china

customs tariff number: 44201019

country of origin: China

EAN packing: 4015275815873

EAN piece: 4015275815880

net weight: 0,0709 kg / packing

gross weight: 0,0731 kg / packing

width in mm


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Content: 3 pieces per Packing
Sales unit: 12 Packing

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