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gift bag "VOM OSTERHASEN" 98082 gift bag "VOM OSTERHASEN" 98082
Item-no.: 98082
6 pieces per Pack
wooden deco clips "Rabbits" 63702 wooden deco clips "Rabbits" 63702
Item-no.: 63702
3 poly-bags per Pack
metal stick "love" ,one line, line art 63690 metal stick "love" ,one line, line art 63690
Item-no.: 63690
2 pieces per Pack
metal stick "Rabbit" ,one line, line art 63689 metal stick "Rabbit" ,one line, line art 63689
Item-no.: 63689
2 pieces per Pack
pennant garland "WELCOME BABY" 23412 pennant garland "WELCOME BABY" 23412
Item-no.: 23412
3 sets per Pack
pennant garland "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 23411 pennant garland "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 23411
Item-no.: 23411
3 sets per Pack
pennant garland "SCHULKIND" 23410 pennant garland "SCHULKIND" 23410
Item-no.: 23410
3 sets per Pack
felt deco "GEBURTSTAGSKIND" 23409 felt deco "GEBURTSTAGSKIND" 23409
Item-no.: 23409
2 sets per Pack
felt deco "SCHULKIND" 23408 felt deco "SCHULKIND" 23408
Item-no.: 23408
4 sets per Pack
wooden deco "BIRTHDAY" 23405 wooden deco "BIRTHDAY" 23405
Item-no.: 23405
3 sets per Pack
wooden deco "MAMA" 23404 wooden deco "MAMA" 23404
Item-no.: 23404
3 sets per Pack
wooden deco "OSTERN" 23403 wooden deco "OSTERN" 23403
Item-no.: 23403
3 sets per Pack
wooden deco "Baby" 23398 wooden deco "Baby" 23398
Item-no.: 23398
4 poly-bags per Pack
wooden stick "lieblingsMENSCH" ,plant stick flower stick cake topper 23394 wooden stick "lieblingsMENSCH" ,plant stick...
Item-no.: 23394
8 pieces per Pack
wooden stick "Stork" with laser engraving ,plant stick flower stick cake topper 23391 wooden stick "Stork" with laser engraving...
Item-no.: 23391
6 pieces per Pack
wooden stick "Balloon" ,plant stick flower stick cake topper 23389 wooden stick "Balloon" ,plant stick flower...
Item-no.: 23389
8 pieces per Pack
felt deco "Rabbit Heads" 23383 felt deco "Rabbit Heads" 23383
Item-no.: 23383
1 poly-bag
new colours
wooden deco "love" 23381 wooden deco "love" 23381
Item-no.: 23381
4 poly-bags per Pack
wooden deco "Smileys" 23380 wooden deco "Smileys" 23380
Item-no.: 23380
4 poly-bags per Pack
wooden sticks "Smileys" ,plant stick flower stick cake topper 23379 wooden sticks "Smileys" ,plant stick flower...
Item-no.: 23379
4 poly-bags per Pack
paper tags "Heart" ,gift tags 19932 paper tags "Heart" ,gift tags 19932
Item-no.: 19932
4 poly-bags per Pack
paper gift tags "für DICH" 19930 paper gift tags "für DICH" 19930
Item-no.: 19930
4 poly-bags per Pack
printed ribbon "Schöne Ostern" 1191 printed ribbon "Schöne Ostern" 1191
Item-no.: 1191
18 m per roll
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Quality table decoration for celebrations and special occasions

What turns a simple room into a special location – and an empty board into a festive table? With the unique arrangement of table decoration articles in the HALBACH online shop, creative ideas for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations become easy to turn into reality. From simple and minimalistic to playful and ornate, our range has a wide variety of table decorations for wholesale.

Would you like to discover all the articles in the HALBACH shop and pre-order the products from the upcoming collections? Then simply register – as a business customer, you will receive full access to all our offerings.

Individual party decoration for the entire year

Big birthday party, summer party or New Year’s Eve – there is always a good reason to celebrate. But what would a party be without the right table decoration? In the HALBACH online shop you will find a range of quality table decorations for wholesale. We have everything from extravagant garlands and hanging ornaments to colourful scatter decoration in paper or felt.


Tropical petals, leaves and flamingos recreate the ambience of a warm summer night on the beach. Our shop has the perfect party decoration to celebrate birthdays with a bang or beautify a company anniversary or a joyful summer wedding. For lovers of the natural, simple boho style, we have pastel-coloured and white honeycomb balls in tissue paper – optionally with LED lighting.

The end of the year is a time of celebration, with: cosy Christmas dinners and smashing New Year’s parties – at HALBACH you’ll find the right decoration for every celebration. While star-shaped hanging ornaments in foil and honeycomb trees in tissue paper ensure a Christmas feeling, wooden decoration pins with glitter and scatter decoration saying “Happy New Year” raise the anticipation for the new year.

Loving Easter decoration – order the harbingers of spring

The typical Easter bouquet made of hazel twigs, catkin or forsythia is an essential tradition for many: cut on Maundy Thursday and decorated by Easter Sunday with colourful eggs and figures, it brings spring into every home.

The small Easter nests hidden in gardens and parks for children and adults alike come to life with creative, colourful details. This includes not just the presents themselves, but also a pretty Easter decoration with felt and paper ornaments or wooden clips shaped like bunnies and birds, topped off with wool yarn, paper cords and decorative ribbons.

In the HALBACH online shop you will find selected table decoration articles, garlands, wooden hanging ornaments, plastic eggs and much more for the Easter season for your customers. Pretty decoration pins with rabbits in wood, metal or felt complete our range and every Easter floral composition.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – many reasons to celebrate with your loved ones


A chance to just say “Thank you” – to your partner, mother or father. Although Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day only come around once a year, every day is a good day to thank your loved ones and bring them joy. Ideally, the words of thanks are presented in person and accompanied by a little gift. Whether a pretty decorative ring with hearts and flowers, a modern flower board with everlasting flowers and a nice souvenir photo, or a practical gift basket with all the ingredients a hobby cook needs, we have the right surprise for everyone.

With our wooden decoration pins and boards, the “Best Moms” and “Best Dads” can be properly honoured. The heart-shaped scatter decoration is especially beloved on Valentine’s Day to prepare the table for a romantic candle-light dinner. This is perfectly complemented by the pearl filés and decorative ribbons with hearts, “Love” lettering in wood, and even more table decoration articles for a romantic celebration for two, all available in the HALBACH shop.

At HALBACH you can find quality table decoration for celebrations and the special holidays of the year. Your customers can create DIY presents and flower bouquets, decorate a party or prepare the dinner table for a special occasion.


Quality table decoration articles for Christian feasts

In Christianity, certain celebrations like baptisms, communions and confirmations are particularly important. While the child is at the centre of these ceremonies, the parents, godparents and relatives are also happy to share in the important event. To make sure that the one-time experience in the life of the child is special, the right decoration is of course a must – whether you’re celebrating at home, at the restaurant or in a rented location.

The classic table decoration item is of course the ichthys (Greek: fish), the symbol of Christianity. In the HALBACH product range, you can find it as a hanging ornament, as a tabletop card-holder, as scatter decoration and on attractive felt gift wrapping. The various elements can be wonderfully combined with decorative textiles, table cloths and ribbons to give the dinner table after the baptism, confirmation or communion a festive note. In the HALBACH shop you can discover the new collections of table decoration for wholesale twice a year – from timeless classics to current trends.

Fine wedding decoration – the little extra for a special day


Vintage, boho and shabby chic are some of the current trends for wedding decoration. Florists and wedding planners can prepare the festive decoration with an abundance of natural materials like cotton, jute and wood – in soft nature colours like cappuccino, pastel green and dark lilac. Luscious arrangements of dried plants with velvet and lace ribbons or discrete flower boards as name cards for the guests are wonderful decorative ideas to create a festive atmosphere. Light chains and garlands of individually ornamented decorative rings give the location even more of a cosy charm.

The selection of table decoration articles should of course include the classical wedding colour, white. In the HALBACH product range you’ll find a variety of table decorations for wholesalers with a white background colour – from decorative plates to macramé ribbons and lace to lettering, decoration pins and scatter decoration. With these, magical arrangements can be created that visually sweeten the special day for the happy couple and their guests.


Table decoration for celebrations – design that’s beautiful and sustainable

Opting for a sustainable table decoration for a celebration means decorating the table with the best that nature has to offer:

  • seasonal petals
  • regional plants
  • dried flowers

Combined with decorative rings and lettering for various occasions, unique arrangements can be created for parties and special occasions.

In addition to the floral arrangements, there are also many options to decorate the rooms and tables sustainably. Opting for recyclable table decoration items from sustainable production can also help contribute to protecting the environment. In the HALBACH shop you’ll find a variety of ribbons, cords and textiles made of natural materials like cotton, linen and jute – some are even OEKO-TEX®-certified.

Our tips for environmentally friendly gifts:

  • It is said that small attentions maintain friendships. For people who already have everything or have no wishes, an individual present of natural materials is a nice gesture. Bamboo, wood, jute or linen – there’s always something in our celebration and party decoration range to create a lovely surprise.
  • Choose reusable gift wrapping like our Easter gift bags made of cotton. They can be used again next year, saving resources and avoiding waste.
  • For children and creative souls, DIY sets are a nice idea that you as a wholesaler can compose yourself from our table decoration articles, decorative ribbons and floristry products to please your customers.


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Halbachs sales team
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