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table mats "Flowers" 98098 table mats "Flowers" 98098
Item-no.: 98098
3 sets per Pack
table runner "Flowers" 98096 table runner "Flowers" 98096
Item-no.: 98096
1 piece
table runner "Confetti" 98095 table runner "Confetti" 98095
Item-no.: 98095
1 piece
gift bag "LOVE" 98094 gift bag "LOVE" 98094
Item-no.: 98094
4 pieces per Pack
gift bag "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 98091 gift bag "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 98091
Item-no.: 98091
4 pieces per Pack
gift bag "Lieblingsmensch" 98090 gift bag "Lieblingsmensch" 98090
Item-no.: 98090
4 pieces per Pack
bottle bag "WINE" 98088 bottle bag "WINE" 98088
Item-no.: 98088
4 pieces per Pack
bottle bag "GLÜCK" 98087 bottle bag "GLÜCK" 98087
Item-no.: 98087
4 pieces per Pack
bottle bag "AUF DICH!" 98086 bottle bag "AUF DICH!" 98086
Item-no.: 98086
4 pieces per Pack
gift bag "VON HERZEN" 98085 gift bag "VON HERZEN" 98085
Item-no.: 98085
6 pieces per Pack
gift bag "KLEIN ABER FEIN" 98084 gift bag "KLEIN ABER FEIN" 98084
Item-no.: 98084
6 pieces per Pack
gift bag "EINE Kleinigkeit" 98083 gift bag "EINE Kleinigkeit" 98083
Item-no.: 98083
6 pieces per Pack
gift bag "VOM OSTERHASEN" 98082 gift bag "VOM OSTERHASEN" 98082
Item-no.: 98082
6 pieces per Pack
cotton cushion "Flowers" 74914 cotton cushion "Flowers" 74914
Item-no.: 74914
1 piece
wooden deco clips "Rabbits" 63702 wooden deco clips "Rabbits" 63702
Item-no.: 63702
3 poly-bags per Pack
glass vase flower divider, Ikebana 63699 glass vase flower divider, Ikebana 63699
Item-no.: 63699
6 pieces per box
glass tealight-candle holder "Blossom" 63692 glass tealight-candle holder "Blossom" 63692
Item-no.: 63692
6 pieces per box
metal stick "love" one line, line art 63690 metal stick "love" one line, line art 63690
Item-no.: 63690
2 pieces per Pack
metal stick "Rabbit" one line, line art 63689 metal stick "Rabbit" one line, line art 63689
Item-no.: 63689
2 pieces per Pack
pennant garland "WELCOME BABY" 23412 pennant garland "WELCOME BABY" 23412
Item-no.: 23412
3 sets per Pack
pennant garland "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 23411 pennant garland "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" 23411
Item-no.: 23411
3 sets per Pack
pennant garland "SCHULKIND" 23410 pennant garland "SCHULKIND" 23410
Item-no.: 23410
3 sets per Pack
felt deco "GEBURTSTAGSKIND" 23409 felt deco "GEBURTSTAGSKIND" 23409
Item-no.: 23409
2 sets per Pack
felt deco "SCHULKIND" 23408 felt deco "SCHULKIND" 23408
Item-no.: 23408
4 sets per Pack
felt deco "Blossoms" 23406 felt deco "Blossoms" 23406
Item-no.: 23406
4 poly-bags per Pack
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Quality decorative articles for wholesalers

Lifestyle means giving one’s house a lively flair while remaining true to one’s style. HALBACH stays true to itself from season to season: with a varied selection of decorative articles for every occasion – from birthdays to Mother’s Day – and seasonal decoration. We develop products that bring joy, inspire creativity and display personality. Order extraordinary decorations for wholesalers and resellers in our online shop.

Register, to see all of our products and prices!

Home textiles and home accessories – make your home unique

Scented flower arrangements on colourful table cloths, decorative candle holders for indoors and outdoors, stylishly decorated bowls – our range of home textiles & home accessories inspires creative home designs. Do your customers love to design their home with decorative pillows, curtains, etc. according to the season? Then go to the HALBACH shop and discover floral motifs for spring and summer, autumnal animal and plant designs and classical winter and Christmas decoration. Our decorative articles for wholesalers are made from manifold materials – from cotton and felt to wood and glass. We develop our own designs in Germany and conduct extensive market research to know what your customers will want next season.


Flower boards – individual arrangement of dried flowers

A very special decorative idea that is rapidly gaining ground: flower boards. The chic wooden elements are the optimal base on which to place dried flowers in unique arrangements – in every season and for every occasion. The light wood is absolutely timeless and integrates perfectly into both minimalistic and opulent decorative styles. In the HALBACH online shop you can choose between various flower boards: models for dried plants with and without candle holder. For the upcoming Christmas season, we also offer versions in dark grey for several candles or with a slit for photos and postcards. Discover the trendy decorative articles for resellers now!

decorative rings and accessories – for creative decoration

Designing decorative ringshas long been a trend – one that has now reached hobby designers. In HALBACH’s online shop, discover a varied range of classical round and oval models. Special shapes like triangles, double circles and versions with a stand are also available as decorative articles for resellers. With simple metal or bamboo circles, your customers can use small glass vases, dried flowers, natural ribbons and magnetic ornaments to create unique arrangements for every occasion. Thanks to their versatility, decorative rings are especially beloved as seasonal decoration and as table elements at weddings.


Scatter decoration – the classic party and celebration decoration

Felt, wood and metal are our top materials for high-quality scatter decoration. Shining colours – from pink to deep green to sunny yellow – bring joy to a well-laid table and form the ideal backdrop to joyful occasions. Those who prefer more discrete and minimalistic styles can opt for scatter decoration in white, natural and pastel colours. These can be spruced up with individual highlights: shimmering holograph foils as well as gold and silver elements ensure an extravagant flair. Explore the varied range at HALBACH:

  • cute rabbits and flowers in spring
  • filigree butterflies and tropical motifs in summer
  • fall-coloured leaves and pretty owls
  • snowflakes, stars and reindeer at Christmas

You can also find the fitting scatter decoration for birthdays and anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day and many other special events. Surprise your customers with the new articles!

Decoration pins – highlights in floristry

For florists and hobby gardeners, decoration pins are a wonderful way to give bouquets and arrangements in flower boxes and pots the final touch. There is a fitting element for every theme – animal or floral decoration pins for birthdays, or with appealing lettering for weddings and special occasions. They are also ideal complements to our flower boards. Wow your customers with varied materials like robust metal, natural wood, soft velvet or dense felt. Delicate models made of paper are also available in our selection for wholesalers. Decorative articles for seasonal events like spring and autumn can be found in this category, as can decoration pins for Christmas – with pines, stars and angels.


Gift wrapping – perfectly attuned to every celebration

Minimalistic, elegant or made for children – wrapping gifts creates space for new, creative ideas. Small decoration clips as ornaments on Easter presents, Christmassy gift hangers, number stickers for the Advent calendar or hanging tags for a personal greeting. HALBACH’s range offers wholesalers decorative articles for every occasion. Be inspired by our selection and discover the varied possibilities to transform gifts into something special at first glance.


Paper cut-outs – from classical scissor work to trendy product

Robust paper decorations: The light, delicate and modern decoration is increasingly in demand by wholesalers. It is sustainable and becoming a true trend product thanks to the unique properties of the material. In HALBACH’s online shop, discover filigree paper cut-out articles with an exceptional finish: Gold and holographic foils ensure shining moments – whether in spring or at Christmas. Order scatter decoration, wire decoration pins and many other versions in the new, fresh design for your customers.

Self-adhesive ornaments – the raw material for creative minds

What would birthdays, holidays and other occasions be without self-made cards? So that they always look fresh and new, every season our designers develop current self-adhesive ornaments – and not just for individual card motifs. Besides paper and cardboard, other surfaces such as ceramic, glass and wood can be decorated with the self-adhesive decorative ribbons and decoration pins from HALBACH. Examples of fitting applications and ideas for DIY for these and other decorative articles for resellers are presented on our creative blog!

Hanging ornaments & garlands – eyecatchers indoors, outdoors and everywhere else

Wonderfully versatile and light to work with –these are some of the clear benefits of hanging ornaments & garlands from the HALBACH online shop. Designed in Germany, they speak your customers’ language: playful, elegant, minimalistic or timelessly beautiful – that’s up to you. Decorative garlands are the number one ornament for party decoration, but they can also bring a homey, cosy atmosphere to living rooms and children’s rooms. Hanging ornaments are as suited for the seasonal decoration of Easter bouquets and Christmas trees as they are for use in year-round home improvement. Browse through our decorations for wholesalers!

Lettering – say it with the right decorative item

A couple of nice words bring a personal touch to presents and decorations. If you can’t be there in person, you can entrust it to our lettering. Simple ribbons with lettering, striking decoration pins, or large boards – our decorative articles for resellers always hit the right note. Your customers can complete their table decoration for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, or put a smile on someone’s face with a simple “Thank you”. Of course our product range also includes the fitting lettering for our decorative rings.

Floral decoration – say it with flowers

Flowers speak their very own language and their beauty is welcome on every occasion. For permanent floral decoration, artificial or dried flowers are the better option. They stay “fresh” the whole year and always look great – in the living room or in the office. Artificial flowers and leaves are also great for DIY projects and to beautify costumes and special hairstyles. From textiles, to paper, to metal, HALBACH’s range offers a varied selection of floral decoration for wholesalers.


Chalkboard products – a new take on a classic

Most people still know the typical school chalkboard from their childhood. But boards and other chalkboard products can also be worked into a whole range of creative decoration ideas. A modern table board with individualised text, a welcome sign at the entrance to your celebration or a few kind words on a decoration pin in the flower arrangement. Chalkboard decoration has so many possibilities. In the HALBACH online shop, we have decorative chalkboards, stickers in board foil and fabrics that can be written on in multicoloured chalk. The first day at school, a wedding or just everyday decoration at home – your customers will love our modern decorative articles with a vintage feel.

HALBACH Seidenbänder – quality decoration articles for wholesalers

Our decoration articles for florists and creatives inspire completely individual design or add that special touch. Whether elegant nobility or natural nonchalance – our collections fulfil every wish. We design many of our decorative articles for resellers exclusively in Germany and thus ensure a high level of quality already in the design phase. Within moments, our products transform the appearance of shop windows, business premises or homes. We are also trendsetters in DIY: With our successful creative materials, we always hit the zeitgeist.

Would you like to find out more about our decorative articles for wholesalers and pre-order them for the coming season? Then register in our B2B online shop!



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