Kunstfell-Band und -Dekostoff white Hauptbild Detail

faux fur ribbon / deco fabric

Order number:

5 x 180 cm
white - 11


material composition: 100% polyester customs tariff number: 43040000 country of origin: China... more
Product informations: faux fur ribbon / deco fabric

material composition: 100% polyester

customs tariff number: 43040000

country of origin: China

EAN piece: 4015275876522

net weight: 0,058 kg / piece

gross weight: 0,0603 kg / piece

width in mm


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Content: 1 piece
Sales unit: 24 pieces

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knitted paper tube 4mm knitted paper tube 4mm
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glitter tube glitter tube
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Floral deco hoop "Leaves" Floral deco hoop "Leaves"
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wire stick "Velvet Star" wire stick "Velvet Star"
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wooden letterings with magnets wooden letterings with magnets
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glitter velvet ribbon glitter velvet ribbon
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metal deco "Star" metal deco "Star"
Item-no.: 63411
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faux fur ribbon faux fur ribbon
Item-no.: 22934
1 piece
printed jute ribbon printed jute ribbon
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bobble string bobble string
Item-no.: 24038
15 m per roll
Lurex ribbon Lurex ribbon
Item-no.: 2630
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elastic net ribbon elastic net ribbon
Item-no.: 2210
15 m per roll
organza ribbon organza ribbon
Item-no.: 1210
50 m per roll
deco metal hoop deco metal hoop
Item-no.: 63410
4 pieces per Pack
wooden stick "hallo Herbst" wooden stick "hallo Herbst"
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felt table mat felt table mat
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wooden stick "alles Gute" wooden stick "alles Gute"
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wooden stick "Danke" wooden stick "Danke"
Item-no.: 23202
8 pieces per Pack
fake leather table mat fake leather table mat
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1 poly-bag
wire stick "Velvet-Tree" wire stick "Velvet-Tree"
Item-no.: 63559
6 pieces per Pack
jute cord 2mm jute cord 2mm
Item-no.: 15630
4 rolls per Packing
metallic braid metallic braid
Item-no.: 24058
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Lurex wire gimp Lurex wire gimp
Item-no.: 9161
25 m per roll
small felt bag "Elk" small felt bag "Elk"
Item-no.: 73598
6 pieces per Packing
jute cord jute cord
Item-no.: 395
9 m per roll
braided cord "Stars Tendril" braided cord "Stars Tendril"
Item-no.: 24022
3 rolls per Pack
narrow faux leather ribbon "Metallic" narrow faux leather ribbon "Metallic"
Item-no.: 24015
20 m per roll
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