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wooden stick "In Liebe" ,for grief and rememberance 23361 wooden stick "In Liebe" ,for grief and...
Item-no.: 23361
6 pieces per Pack
wooden stick "Du fehlst" ,for grief and rememberance 23359 wooden stick "Du fehlst" ,for grief and...
Item-no.: 23359
4 pieces per Pack
linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1124 linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1124
Item-no.: 1124
12 m per roll
linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1065 linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1065
Item-no.: 1065
15 m per roll
velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063 velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063
Item-no.: 1063
6 m per roll
cut sateen ivy tendril SA2603 cut sateen ivy tendril SA2603
Item-no.: SA2603
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon 2066 moiré ribbon 2066
Item-no.: 2066
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon 1066 moiré ribbon 1066
Item-no.: 1066
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon - coloured 9681 moiré ribbon - coloured 9681
Item-no.: 9681
25 m per roll
cut sateen / coloured 2601 cut sateen / coloured 2601
Item-no.: 2601
25 m per roll
cut sateen / 11 white 2600 cut sateen / 11 white 2600
Item-no.: 2600
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / coloured 6694 moiré ribbon / coloured 6694
Item-no.: 6694
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / coloured 4422 moiré ribbon / coloured 4422
Item-no.: 4422
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / coloured 4020 moiré ribbon / coloured 4020
Item-no.: 4020
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / coloured 1072 moiré ribbon / coloured 1072
Item-no.: 1072
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon - coloured 9682 moiré ribbon - coloured 9682
Item-no.: 9682
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon 968 moiré ribbon 968
Item-no.: 968
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon - coloured 109 moiré ribbon - coloured 109
Item-no.: 109
25 m per roll
sateen ribbon fixed edge 2702 sateen ribbon fixed edge 2702
Item-no.: 2702
25 m per roll
hair fringe / self adhesive 1301 hair fringe / self adhesive 1301
Item-no.: 1301
25 m per card
hair fringe 1300 hair fringe 1300
Item-no.: 1300
25 m per card
cross fringe 1333 cross fringe 1333
Item-no.: 1333
25 m per card
moiré ribbon / 11 white 7200 moiré ribbon / 11 white 7200
Item-no.: 7200
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / 611 white 6693 moiré ribbon / 611 white 6693
Item-no.: 6693
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / coloured 5025 moiré ribbon / coloured 5025
Item-no.: 5025
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / 211 white 4423 moiré ribbon / 211 white 4423
Item-no.: 4423
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon / 211 white 4421 moiré ribbon / 211 white 4421
Item-no.: 4421
25 m per roll
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Funeral and national ribbon – giving the last honours with dignity

When words fail us, we often let flowers speak for us to remember someone who has passed away. funeral arrangements and bouquets with white flowers are particularly appreciated – florists especially like using roses, lilies and carnations. High-quality funeral ribbons and tomb ribbons complete the arrangement. HALBACH’s product range includes a wide variety of funeral ribbons for wholesalers..

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Tasteful funeral wreaths and floral arrangements – with HALBACH funeral ribbons

Complex wreaths and floral arrangements are usually commissioned by the family and close friends of the deceased to represent the close connection. A funeral wreath is not just decorative, but also representative. Noble materials like satin and moiré are therefore the first choice for funeral ribbons. The more opulent the floral arrangement, the nobler the tomb ribbon usually is – completed by a dignified fringe.


The classical funeral ribbon is black, as in Europe black is traditionally the colour of funeral and also forms a marked contrast to the mostly white flowers. But increasingly, relatives are opting for coloured flowers, and the florist adapts the funeral ribbon accordingly. In addition to white and cream-coloured ribbons, green and violet versions are also frequently used as tomb ribbons. The advantage of light colours is that the lettering on the funeral ribbon is clearly visible.

Living tradition – binding techniques for wreaths and tomb ribbons

Funeral floral arrangements can have very different designs. From the classical round wreath to oval and heart-shaped variants, all the way to individual designs such as wings or books, much is possible in modern floristry. Depending on the shape, the funeral ribbon is integrated differently. Those who prefer traditional wreaths can choose between three variants for the binding technique and placing of the tomb ribbon:

Symmetrical wreath

The funeral wreath is symmetrically bound using the relatives’ choice of twigs and flowers, giving a very classic and even appearance. The florist places the funeral ribbon at the dividing point of the wreath. The ribbon falls centrally from the dividing point.


Asymmetrical wreath

In this variant, green twigs form a round wreath foundation. But the decoration with floral elements is usually only integrated into one side or towards the top of the wreath. This creates a pleasing colour contrast and gives the wreath an exclusive look. The funeral ribbon is bound left or right of the dividing point and completes the arrangement.

Round wreath

The round wreath is evenly covered with flowers and leaves, creating a harmonious, down-to-earth funeral wreath. A combination of white and cream-coloured flowers is one possibility, another is decorating it with red roses, yellow sunflowers or petals in the favourite colours of the deceased. The colour-matched funeral ribbon is attached either at the upper or the lower dividing point of the circle.


The text on the funeral ribbon – a final salute of the living

The central message of a funeral wreath is communicated not just through the arrangement of twigs and flowers, but also through the words on the funeral ribbon. On the left-hand side there usually is the final salute or a dedication to the deceased, while the names of the funeral guests are indicated on the right-hand side. Undertakers and florists either print or stick the individual text on the funeral ribbon. The second variant is preferred for very high-quality and opulent funeral wreaths and floral arrangements. Traditional symbols of funeral such as the Christian cross, praying hands, roses and ivy surround the ribbon text.


Moiré wreath ribbon – the noblest funeral ribbon

The term “moiré” comes from French and means “marbled”. In textile and ribbon manufacturing, it refers to fabrics whose appearance reminds of wood grain or waves on water. At HALBACH, we have specialised in true moiré, which we manufacture in our own plant in Remscheid. We use heated cylindrical rollers that press the ribbed fabric against itself. The moiré effect arises because the ribs are always a little offset from each other, so that shining, flatter areas form where they cross each other. Discover HALBACH’s range of varied moiré wreath ribbons for wholesalers.

Satin wreath ribbon – a shining tribute

Shiny fabrics in satin weave are called satin. They have a strongly shimmering, smooth upper side and a matte underside, creating a lovely effect in funeral wreaths and ribbons. The HALBACH online shop offers you satin wreath ribbons in various colours and designs. Choose between funeral ribbons with golden or black edge or ribbons with ivy vines as a classical edge motif. You can also order various colours and widths. You’ll always have the right funeral ribbons for your customers – whether undertakers or florists.


Wreath ribbon fringes – for traditional tomb decoration

Wreath ribbon fringes form a stylish ending for the tomb ribbon or the funeral ribbon on a wreath or urn. They are attached to the bottom edge of the ribbon and complete the arrangement. At HALBACH you can find hair or cross fringes for wholesalers. We offer a classical colour palette: black, silver and gold are the main tones in our range. Combined with a moiré or satin wreath band, the fringe forms a suitable completion to the floral arrangement. Opt for quality with “Made in Germany” – manufactured at our own textile plant in Remscheid.

HALBACH funeral ribbons: arranging the funeral wreath according to your wishes

While the classical funeral armband is only infrequently used today, the black ribbon plays an important role in our society. A black piece of fabric or a ribbon serve to express grief. Especially friends, close acquaintances and neighbours wear black funeral ribbons on the left chest during funerals, for instance made of narrow satin or jacquard ribbon. A satin funeral ribbon can also be attached to the photo of the deceased. It is usually attached to the frame and runs along the ride side of the picture.

Further possibilities to show one’s sympathy are black ribbons on the antenna or rearview mirror of cars or on the wreath. In HALBACH’s product range you will find a large selection of funeral ribbons for wholesalers, including various colours in addition to black and white products. Florists and mourners can design the floral arrangements individually based on the wishes of the deceased or the relatives.

National and flag ribbons – create individualised tomb ribbons

The special connection of a person with their home country or a specific region can be expressed even beyond their passing. In funeral floristry national ribbons are therefore frequently used to “show one’s colours” at the funeral. This last honour is not reserved just for representatives of a city or country, but also to athletes or members of associations.

In the HALBACH online shop, B2B customers can find national and flag ribbons in many common colour combinations and widths. If the desired product is currently not available online, simply order custom production. In our production at our textile and dyeing plant in Remscheid we always ensure to produce the highest quality. The national ribbons all bear the label ”Made in Germany”.


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