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velvet ribbon 9340 velvet ribbon 9340
Item-no.: 9340
8 m per roll
velvet fabric 9341 velvet fabric 9341
Item-no.: 9341
2.5 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Ornament" 689 printed velvet ribbon "Ornament" 689
Item-no.: 689
6 m per roll
new colours
velvet ribbon 70mm 93401 velvet ribbon 70mm 93401
Item-no.: 93401
8 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 886 printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 886
Item-no.: 886
6 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Leaves" 294 printed velvet ribbon "Leaves" 294
Item-no.: 294
6 m per roll
glitter velvet ribbon 24046 glitter velvet ribbon 24046
Item-no.: 24046
8 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 663 printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 663
Item-no.: 663
6 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 657 printed velvet ribbon "Stars" 657
Item-no.: 657
6 m per roll
velvet ribbon 7980 velvet ribbon 7980
Item-no.: 7980
9.5 m per roll
velvet cord 25600 velvet cord 25600
Item-no.: 25600
1 ball
corduroy velvet 9426 corduroy velvet 9426
Item-no.: 9426
2.5 m per roll
corduroy velvet 9425 corduroy velvet 9425
Item-no.: 9425
8 m per roll
velvet/crush fabric 9171 velvet/crush fabric 9171
Item-no.: 9171
2.5 m per roll
velvet/crush ribbon 9170 velvet/crush ribbon 9170
Item-no.: 9170
10 m per roll
velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063 velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063
Item-no.: 1063
6 m per roll
velvet ribbon 7980S velvet ribbon 7980S
Item-no.: 7980S
6 rolls per Pack
printed velvet ribbon "Monstera" 941 printed velvet ribbon "Monstera" 941
Item-no.: 941
6 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Blossoms" 927 printed velvet ribbon "Blossoms" 927
Item-no.: 927
6 m per roll
printed velvet ribbon "Blossoms" 166 printed velvet ribbon "Blossoms" 166
Item-no.: 166
6 m per roll
velvet ribbon with lurex-stripes 7950 velvet ribbon with lurex-stripes 7950
Item-no.: 7950
9 m per roll

Elegant velvet ribbon, supple velour and opulent corduroy fabric in trendy colours

Long frowned upon and dismissed as old-fashioned, the fabric with its incorporated thread pile is back in fashion. Velvet has lost neither its noble character nor its soft elegance. Discover also the trendy fabrics corduroy and velour:

  • noble, classic, opulent
  • falls naturally and softly
  • as narrow velvet decorative ribbon or wide cut
  • made of polyester or polyamide



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