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linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1065 linen mourning ribbon "Leaves" 1065
Item-no.: 1065
15 m per roll
velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063 velvet mourning ribbon "Lilies" 1063
Item-no.: 1063
6 m per roll
crape "Ein letzter Gruß" 3261 crape "Ein letzter Gruß" 3261
Item-no.: 3261
20 m per roll
printed sateen ribbon "Roses" 3103 printed sateen ribbon "Roses" 3103
Item-no.: 3103
20 m per roll
printed linen ribbon "Grasses" 1054 printed linen ribbon "Grasses" 1054
Item-no.: 1054
15 m per roll
organza with flock print 5950 organza with flock print 5950
Item-no.: 5950
2.5 m per roll
braided cord 5029 braided cord 5029
Item-no.: 5029
8 m per roll
crape "Ein letzter Gruß" 3260 crape "Ein letzter Gruß" 3260
Item-no.: 3260
20 m per roll
printed crape "Ivy" 3250 printed crape "Ivy" 3250
Item-no.: 3250
20 m per roll
printed sateen ribbon "Ivy" 3189 printed sateen ribbon "Ivy" 3189
Item-no.: 3189
20 m per roll
crape organza with print "Roses" 3184 crape organza with print "Roses" 3184
Item-no.: 3184
20 m per roll
crape organza 3183 crape organza 3183
Item-no.: 3183
25 m per roll
crape with fine stripes 3100 crape with fine stripes 3100
Item-no.: 3100
25 m per roll
moiré ribbon 107 moiré ribbon 107
Item-no.: 107
25 m per roll

Questions about funeral and wreath ribbons

When do you funeral ribbon?

Nowadays, funeral is almost only worn on clothing at funerals and memorial services. However, some people choose to display it beyond that - depending on personal beliefs and individual preferences.

How do you make a funeral ribbon?

There are many ways to make a funeral pile. One popular method is to use black ribbons made of organza or satin. Narrow versions are suitable for pinning to clothing. Wider ribbons can be tied into a funeral wreath or a grave arrangement. Natural materials such as flowers, leaves and twigs provide the basis for this.

Which side is the funeral wreath placed on?

The funeral wreath is usually attached to the left side. This is because in many cultures the left side is perceived as emotional and sensitive - the heart side. It is also often associated with death and the processing of grief. For these reasons, it is considered appropriate to place the funeral ribbon on the left side of a grave arrangement or wreath.

What do the colours of funeral ribbons mean?

The colours of funeral ribbons usually have a special meaning. Black is the most common colour, as it symbolises the grief of the bereaved. But white is also popular as a symbol of purity. On it, the last greeting and the dedication are particularly effective. Grey can be seen as a mixture of black and white and thus stands for the balance between life and death. In addition, flag ribbon and other colours are used in funeral floristry.

What is the difference between a funeral wreath and a funeral floral?

A funeral wreath is a circular arrangement of flowers and branches, while funeral floral arrangements usually mean a black ribbon. Both are used to decorate the coffin or grave of a loved one.

What do the small ribbons hanging from a funeral wreath symbolise?

These ribbons are called wreath ribbons and are often used to add the name and dates of the deceased or a final greeting including a dedication.

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